Foundation’s Visit to West Town Farm

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The weather looked bleak, the rain clouds looked ominous and yet the foundation children pulled on their waterproofs and set off for an adventure at West Town Farm. And what adventures they had!!










The children loved the activities in the barn; they had to sort squashes and pumpkins according to the size, weight, colour, you, name it, you could sort it! They had to chop up the pumpkin ready to make into soup later. DSC00320The children also visited the 3-week-old calf ‘Dennis’, and were able to play in the hay bales in the barn.DSC00316

After all this fun and learning, we went to the garden area, where we looked at the community vegetable garden, and explored all the different vegetables that are growing there.



Then we all sat around the campfire and watched as Kevin lit it.

The children were enamoured by this and sat and listened brilliantly to the crackle of the fire as it burned. DSC00757We then visited the pigs and fed them the scraps from the pumpkin soup and little acorns that we found under the trees.

The children loved this.

After all having a little taste of our vegetable soup, we all had lunch together in the barn,










then split into two groups as some of us went into the orchard to collect apples from the trees and some of us went back to the vegetable garden.










We tried out the juicer and then went for a lovely walk with our apple juice to look at all the different types of apple trees that grow on the farm.



The children sat on some tree stumps in a circle and got to taste the apple juice. It was delicious!! Everyone loved that!



We finally went back to school on our coach and took some very tired but very happy and fresh faced children home.

This educational visit was led by Organicarts and with the help of Love Local Food.


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