Foundation’s trip to Sainsbury’s!

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Last Thursday morning, the Foundation children went to visit Sainsbury’s! This is part of our topic based on  plants, growing and where food comes from.

The children had such a brilliant time, the staff at Sainsbury’s were fantastic and very accommodating to our 60 young children!! The children were shown around the store and given a tour of behind the scenes at Sainsbury’s. This was very exciting!

01ad1c20e60d3c0c204e815d5fa305ec83749f9140They were given a chance to taste some unusual fruits and taught about where these exotic fruits come from.

They went to see the Fishmonger and got to see some really interesting fish! I think the children were quite taken aback by this part



They asked excellent questions to the staff and were so well behaved during the whole trip. Sainsbury’s staff mentioned that they were very impressed by how grown up the children were in the store!01f50fda5d13f08ed4532c161c1f7733e092fedccb









The children particularly enjoyed visiting the bakery and seeing where and how the bread rolls were made. They even brought back some yummy donuts to taste back at school! Yum Yum!










They were also given a chance to go through the check out counters and learned how to scan the barcodes. They thought this was very fun and scanned lots of items at least twice!!








What a fun morning, I think education and enjoyment were definitely at the heart of this trip!


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