Fireman Sam and his gang!

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What an exciting day the Foundation children had today! We had another surprise ‘transport’ visit today; this time it came in the form of a Fire Engine and real fire-fighters!!









The children were so surprised and then excited at the prospect of going in a ‘real’ fire engine.



Alan Davey and his colleagues who work at Danes Castle Fire Station in Exeter came along to speak to the Foundation children and tell them all about their jobs.








There was Fireman ‘Alan’, Fireman Sam (not sure if he was the real one?!) and Fireman Bertie. They were great guys and really lovely with the children allowing them to ask all sorts of questions!



Alan spoke to the children at length about what sorts of jobs Firefighters get called out to do. It was good for the children to learn that it wasn’t all about fires and lots about helping people (and animals) when they are in trouble.


The children found it very funny when Alan and the guys got Miss Roberts dressed up as a firefighter! She looked really big! It was really interesting learning all about what bits of kit the firemen have to wear and what it does. I think Miss Roberts found it all a bit heavy!



Then the firemen showed the children the fire truck and allowed them to go inside and sit in it. They especially loved this bit!!























It was an excellent experience for all involved and the Foundation Staff are hugely grateful to Alan and the guys who gave up their time to help the children to learn about other jobs and the transport that is involved with this.


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