A Visit from The Naughty Bus!

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To kick off our topic on Journeys and Transport, the Foundation children had a wonderful surprise on Wednesday!

A beautiful 1965 double decker Bus came to the school especially to see them. The children were so surprised, their faces lit up when they saw this enormous bus drive into the schoolyard. “It’s the Naughty Bus!”










We gave them each 1p to buy a ticket to get onto the bus. They had to pay the conductor and tell him where they wanted to go. We had quite a few adventurous destinations ranging from Sainsbury’s, Lidls to Disneyland, Australia and New Zealand! I think the conductor was a little daunted at the thought of his bus going to these places!


We all got on and the children loved going up the stairs to the top deck. They felt very high up!


They asked some brilliant questions to the driver: Where does the driver sit? How many gears does the bus have? Why does the bus have such a bug steering wheel? How does the driver get into his seat when there is no door?


They were so enthusiastic and engaged in the answers. We were extremely proud of them.







Some ‘lucky’ children got to sit in the cab and pretend to drive the bus. They thought this was ace. Philip (the driver and owner of the bus) showed the children the engine and they were amazed by how big it was.













We are so grateful to Philip Platt for being so kind and sharing his beautiful bus with our Foundation children. Him and his friends run a charity where they restore old buses of various ages. The information on this charity is below. One little boy loved the bus so much he clung to his bus leaflet for the rest of the day.











The children were so inspired by this visit the next day; they could talk of nothing else. More surprises to follow…

Devon General Omnibus Trust


Alphington Primary School
Wheatsheaf Way

t: 01392 254291
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