Year 3 storytelling: Mandisa and the Amulet

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There have been some mysterious goings-on in Year 3 recently! We came into the classroom one morning to find a dusty box on the floor with a ‘do not open’ sign attached to it. Naturally, our reaction was to ignore the sign and ask our Teacher to open it immediately! However, it was not until later, once we’d had an opportunity to question and guess, that the contents were revealed. The box contained an Ancient Egyptian amulet with an interesting story behind it!

In literacy, we’ve been learning how to write with suspense so as to create an exciting end to the story we found. Please have a look at the video below to see how we achieved our outcome.



We were so pleased with the stories the children wrote. Every single child worked really hard to do their very best and the results were fantastic. To showcase their efforts, the children became storytellers for the day and read their work out from our very own tomb! Below are some videos of their storytelling. Prepare to be scared! 


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