Year 3: Brave New World…

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We’ve had quite an unusual start to our Summer term in Year 3! On their first day back after the Easter break, the children arrived in school to find that a ‘wall’ had appeared in their classroom separating them into two groups.











They had to follow specific rules, including ignoring the other group and being treated differently to their friends.









As you can imagine, the rules proved fairly unpopular and the children recorded their feelings throughout the day.

P1970077 P1970119













After lunch, the children had the opportunity to rip the wall down. If ever proof were needed of how lovely the children we teach are, their reaction to being reunited with their friends would be it!

P1970149 P1970152












The children celebrated by playing games together on Pearl’s Land and we finally revealed what this experiment had all been about. This term, we will be creating our own civilization where, amongst other things,  we will grow our own food, make our own clothes and decide on the the rules that we want to live by. The experiment has helped the children to realise two rules they definitely want to feature in their ‘Brave New World’; they want to be treated equally and they want to be together!



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