World Book Day – A joint Year 6 and Year 1 Celebration.

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A Report On What We Did With The Year 1’s


On the 6th of March, year 6 went to year 1 to collect their reading buddies to do some activities. There were group names, they were: Peeley Wally, Jermima Giraffe, Ziggy Zebra, Colin Crocodile, Eleanor Elephant and Mavis Monkey.


Some were re writing the story of Peeley Wally. Year 1 write very differently to Year 6. They write slower and they didn’t use punctuation as well as Year 6.


Some people went and did cooking with Sharon and Cher. Some did painting with Mrs Lambert.


The best thing we did we was drama. It was so fun because all the activities were very fun. One of them is called lollipop. You had to say lollipop in a sad voice, a loud voice or a quiet voice.


In the kitchen Sharon was helping us make bird nests. They tasted really nice. All you need is shredded wheat, butter, sugar and melted chocolate. Stir together to make a mix. Then put it in the fridge for 15 minutes. And then you are ready to eat them.



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