Should we wear school uniform? A Year 6 debate.

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Report On The Uniform Debate


On Monday the 3rd of March year 6 had a morning debate about should we wear school uniform or not? First of all we had a debate in our class. We were put into groups A, B, C and D. The first debate was A against B. I thought they were very good a enjoyed it a lot because they were very professional. Next it was C against D. I was in the team D. At first I was a little nervous I would mess up but actually it went really well. Although I think I could have looked up more and not hesitated so much, the rest of my group were fantastic. After that the rest of the class reported back to us to tell us what we could have improved.


When we came back from break time we had to debate against the next door class. Soon it was time for us to debate against group C from the other class. Personally I was a lot more nervous when it came to talking in front of Mr Powe`s class. I don’t think I looked up one time!


 Overall I thought this was a really good day to boost up our confidence and learn a lot more about discussion texts and to be able to debate well and professionally. What I think I could really improve as well is not to personalize my discussion text. Debating against the other class was a great decision to make because we got to hear a lot more opinions about the debate. After all this hard work I had a really fun morning and I thought everyone would have liked to do another one another time. I felt very proud when I spoke as I tried my best to make a good speech and I was proud of my team as we worked really hard together.


By Livvy Warren      

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