Mad Science Day – Year 2

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Last Friday Year 2 had some rather crazy visitors to help them with their Science. These nutty professors enlisted the help of all the Year 2s who spent the day carrying out scientific investigations to help Professor P know what to make her umbrella out of and what was the best surface for her kitchen floor. These amazing Year 2 scientists also helped Professor P discover the most absorbent Kitchen Towel for all her chemical spills in the lab.

It was a great day where the children took control and decided how they would carry out their tests fairly and what equipment they would need to do so. The children were able to explain their findings and say whether their results were what they had expected or not. We had many surprises throughout the day. Some of us were surprised to discover that some things that were see-through didn’t let water through, i.e. were waterproof. One group of children made their test so fair that they not only kept the amount of water, size of fabric, time in contact with water and containers the same but they even made sure the water temperature was the same! What fantastic scientists we have in Year 2.

Professor P has since been in touch with the class teachers and asked them to pass on a very important message which is, “No Capes!”

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