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The children in Year 5 have been reading Kevin Crossley-Holland’s Sea Tongue story.  They used drama and art to help them re-tell the story. They then wrote their own version called River Tongue based on our work on Rivers and Coasts.

Here are some examples of their work:

River Tongue by Katie Mules

I am the bell. Listen to my calls of safety, for your life may depend on it. Above the river, ringing for the life of others. Although I may seem young I am older than your grandmother’s great great grandmother. Loneliness gets the better of me but I have a friend. Here she comes! The bell woman.

I am the bell woman. My hands are raw with the ropey grip. Ringing for safety, ringing for safety. High in the clouds rings the bell until the sound of beauty reaches heaven. Its cries go beyond the mountain.

I am the mountain, the birth of a river. Springs of cool water trickle down me and leave. High on my perch, I watch my children leave me and form a magnificent river of beauty.

I am the river. Extensive water runs alongside the banks. Animals tickle me. Being alone is so depressing. Fishermen cross me everyday, dipping their hooks into my insides. Trees drop their leaves in me.

We are the trees. Wind blows through our branches, ripping off our leaves. Watching the sailors is my job. Soon my trunk will rot and will be burnt polluting the river, choking the otters.

We are the otters. Our sleek fur is like the outside of a streamlined torpedo. Our friends and food are the fish, minnows swim for life. Never daring to venture further than our instincts tell us. The rapids are our enemies.

We are the rapids, the sailor’s enemies. We tear the boats and sink the sailors. Spiky rocks pierce the boat up from the deck and our watery grasp leaves them with no escape. If the sailors survive they have a treat coming to them. My best friend, the waterfall.

I am the waterfall, the sailor’s worst enemy. Water plummets down me followed by splintering wood as it splashes into my lake. Sailors take their final breath as they take the plunge of death they wish they listened to the cries of the bell.

I am the bell. You didn’t listen to my cries of safety and now your life has ended. Next time listen, listen to me.


River Tongue by Sam Hoban

 I am the bell. Ringing out to those who will listen. Warning against the dangers.  Up here in my tower I see every thing. There,listen. It’s the bell woman climbing up the creaking steps. She rings me.

I am the bell woman. I will ring and ring until my palms are raw. Saving the lives of the fishermen. I will drown out the sound of the waterfall.

I am the waterfall. Pounding the remains of the fishermen and there boats. I’ll grind them to dust. Once your in my grasp there’s no escaping. I’ll rip the church from its bank.  Crushing the river life.

I am the Kingfisher. One minute a blur of light and colour, the next a content bird chomping down it’s prey. But there is no prey not any more. It has been crushed by the river. Soon I’ll move. We all will. Me and my brethren.

I am the sailor. Last night I herd the bell. We all did. I dropped anchor. But there is no bell. Am I dreaming

I am the bell. The tongue of the bell. Cast in bronze I weigh two tones. Now I lie here in my watery grave still ringing out, saving the sailors.



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