A Day in the Life…..

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The children have been having a wonderful time in Foundation with lots of exploration in many different areas. They go from experimenting with music making, to creating the most fabulous model either out of construction materials or even with a bit of cardboard!!

Music Making

The children thoroughly enjoy playing with the musical instruments and while they are investigating them all with the various sounds that they make they also work brilliantly together as a team to make great rhythms! BenH




Judith is always on hand though to give them the right beater or explain how to hold an instrument correctly!!




girls and musicNumbers and Counting

Here is a wonderful video of some girls in Foundation learning about numbers through jumping! They are counting together as well as jumping on the correct numeral. It just goes to show how much learning can happen when you are having so much fun!

Counting from Annie Fletcher on Vimeo.


I am constantly amazed by the creations that the children in Foundation come up with using such simple materials. The imagination that flows from these constructions are fantastic and it is a complete pleasure watching them discuss, develop and improve their projects. We obviously have some brilliant young engineers among us!


brick house


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