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As their hook for the 60s and 70s Year Six visited Haynes Motor Museum in Somerset. This is part of Tyler’s entertaining recountDSCF2661.

Our first stop (class 6p) was at the Mini Coopers. Matt told us all about the Mini which I can’t remember for the life of me when it was made/marketed. The second car we looked at was the American Cadillac. Unbeknown to us at the time there was a competition on for the two classes, Matt explained it for two or three minutes before we began.

Mr Powe chose nineteen children to get in the car which must have been more than a little cramped. The other children didn’t get in it as they weren’t able to which might have been for the better. I was one of the children that did not get in, when I think about it I was quite lucky. /; when everybody climbed out from under the steering wheel, on the dashboard etc. Only a normal seating arrangement!

Once everybody was out we looked at the first car, made by a man named Karl Benz. It was quite interesting to think how cars had changed since then – even the 70’s were a lot different to then.

After that we looked at four or five other cars from the 1900s and 1910 despite it not being our topic (one which I and Saad sat in).

Next, we continued on into the red room as it is known as which suited our topic a lot more. A few moments later we looked at one of the cars that King Edward owned. We all turned to another car., which in my opinion was beautiful. That was no surprise when Matt told us it was worth 5 million pounds. We all exclaimed as he told us how expensive it was.

In the last part of the day, we were allowed to explore in groups of two or more (I was with Will and Adam). One thing I did notice was that the cars got a lot more straight and angular towards the late 70’s. It was interesting and exciting.

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