For the academic year 2013/2014 administration of admission arrangements to County Primary Schools has been taken over by the Local Authority (LA) to be dealt with centrally. This reflects existing arrangements for admission to secondary schools.  A booklet setting out the admissions procedures and criteria for each school together with an application form is available from preschool settings, schools and from the County Council. Parents can also apply online. Forms must now be returned to the relevant Council department and must reach those offices by the closing date each year for applications for places.  We do still ask parents/carers who are expressing a first preference for our school to let the school office know. This helps us keep an idea of likely numbers whilst we await final figures from the County Council. For parents/carers of children seeking to join the school in other years, please contact the Headteacher.

The School Admission Policy (developed with guidance from the LA) is available on request or download here.

Every effort is made to make a place available for your child in our school. However, schools have a limit on the number of children they can take. This figure is set by the LA and agreed with the School Governors and Headteacher. If the number of children wanting a place is below the set figure, all will be admitted. There may, however, come a point when there are too many children of that year group for them all to be given a place. If this should happen priority will be given to children according to a list of carefully agreed criteria, which are published in the Admissions Policy. If a place is not available on application you have the right to put your case to an Admissions Appeal Panel. An independent panel will hear your case. It has the power to override the decisions of the LA in some circumstances.

Joining the school later on
Sometimes children join the school when the term has started or later on in their school life.  We make every effort to make sure that they are welcomed, looked after, and monitored so that they quickly make friends and can find their way around the school. Teachers give pupils time to settle in before making an assessment of their academic ability. This assessment, together with records from the previous school will enable your child to have the best start in our school. Parents/carers are asked to contact the school if their child has a problem settling. We promote the partnership with parents.

Moving on – transfer to secondary school
At the end of their primary school career, children transfer to a local secondary school. The large majority of children go on to West-Exe, a mixed comprehensive school (11-16); some children choose to attend the local church school – St Peters. Our school has very strong links with both and there is close liaison between the teaching staff of the schools.  Each year, there are many opportunities for Year Six to visit the secondary school of their choice.

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